Lee-board winch LBW-E

Manufacturer: Wilmex
  • Finishing
  • Voltage
[L]: 180 mm
[P]: 145 mm
[S]: 230 mm
[d]: 75 mm
[H]: 280 mm
Speed: 2
Gear ratio: 1:1
Power ratio: 6,8:1
Diameter of rope: 5-7 mm
Wire capacity: 36-20 m
Weight: 27 kg
Finishing: bronze polished
bronze chromed

Benefits from the use of leeboard winches;
  • Free fall of leeboard, thanks to winch pushing it down with the foot is not necessary. As the leeboard rope does not remain in the walking area, it is easier for the crew to move. Those crew members who do not belong to the strongest ones find it easy to operate the leeboard.
  • They are also manufactured with electric and hydraulic drivers, being at the same time capable of manual operation.
  • They also can be used as classic centerboard winches