Production facility

Our well-equipped machinery park enables us to produce complicated and precise elements on our CNC machines, using various materials, from plastics to the hardest alloys. We specialize in the production of prototype elements and in mass production.

Due to our rich experience, highly-qualified staff and high precision of the CNC machines we use, we may offer:
  •     perfect quality of the produced elements
  •     high repetitiveness of the produced elements
  •     high precision and quality of production
  •     preservation of materials
  •     competitive prices

We possess all kinds of materials, such as:
  •     plate sheets
  •     shafts
  •     pipes

Production capacity:
  •     cutting: guillotine, water-jet, plasma
  •     heat treatment: nitriding, carburization
  •     lathing;
  •     CNC up to the diameter of Φ350 L=1000mm
  •     conventional up to the diameter of Φ800 L=4000mm
  •     milling
  •     CNC working range x=500 y=900 z=400
  •     conventional (borer x=1000 y=1000 z=1000 horizontal)
  •     gear wheels milling
  •     gear wheels grinding
  •     shafts-openings grinding
  •     welding: (Co2, argon)

Welded materials:
  •     acid-proof stainless steel
  •     aluminum
  •     non-ferrous materials
  •     structural steel

Heat treatment:
  •     nitriding
  •     carburization